Specially oriented towards an architectural vision of traditional ceramic, 3D Tiles are expertly carved in so that when a couple of them are arranged together, they form a priceless look. Their great mosaic look, when incorporated in any space, is sure to leave the whole area looking amazing, and artistically beautiful. They also come in a vast number of hues - matte white, beige, grey, cream among other colors. These tiles, when used on the wall of your bathroom, still ooze that timeless, innate and amazing grandeur. If you need a wave-like look on that wall, choose a rippled type, while the slightly concave circular ones give a nice contrast to a concrete-wood area. The wavy patterned tiles have a good rap because of their potent and serene feel that nearly resembles a rippling river or stream. Other inspirations are those with hexagonal shapes, the intricately carved ones that give a modern and energizing look, and the slightly curved tiles.