Panda Marble Tiles

Every piece of grey and white Panda marble tile is uniquely made and different from another. Aside from the plainly grey and white tile, there’s an exquisite type designed to look like tiles interwoven into one another, all for a beautiful look. If you haven’t seen a countertop, backsplash or bathroom vanity made of Panda marble tiles, you are yet to see a classic definition of natural, unspoiled beauty. Whether it’s a brand-new slab, cut-to-size and leaning upright against a wall of some sort or it has been used to create a beautiful floor, the Panda marble floor tile, undoubtedly is the real deal.  The cool and dramatic look plus the soft, polished finish makes it a statement marble stone. But what majorly mesmerize about it is the typical black lines of this natural grey and white tile being a bit thicker and more pronounced to contrast the white surface beautifully. This stone’s richly contrasting black stripes with soft grey veining are sure to leave every jaw of a marble tiled surfaces aficionado dropping out of utter amazement. All Panda marble cut-to-size slabs and tiles are soft to the touch, colorfully adorable and immediately attract anyone attention. They also are durable too, which makes them an excellent choice for any counter-top or flooring surface. Grey and white marble floor tiles come in a predominant crisp white background with some intricate and naturally formed black veining. And when used on an interior wall, floor or bathroom, the glitter these tiles emit along with the smooth finish combine with the two colors to create a sentimental feel. The tile’s watery veining induces an elegant and unconventional softness to an otherwise standard kitchen with rustic cabinets and white counter-top. It’s a notorious choice on modern countertops and luxury bathroom vanities too, especially those whose prominent color is white. The available sizes for Panda are 12x24, 16x42 and Basketweave mosaic.