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Athens Grey

If you are looking for a unique color of marble, Athens Grey has a smoky grey-taupe coloring. Being a part of the marble family, Athens Grey is formed in the same way and has the same texture. Like many other types of marble, Athens Grey is a popular choice for both flooring and wall coverings in bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Athens Grey is also great for counter tops. The reason that marble is used in these areas is because of how durable the tiling is. The coloring of Athens Grey is what sets it apart.

When used in interior design, Athens Grey marble is a great replacement for traditional marble. The characteristic that defines Athens Grey is its coloring. The smoky taupe grey is very different from the white and light grey's that other marbles contain. Athens Grey also has a very unique ribboning in the marble. The marble is available in polished size 12x24. 

Feather waterjet mosaic 
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