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 Medallion Tile

Medallion Tiles consist of smaller pieces of Natural Stones such as Marble, Travertine or other materials like  glass, metal, and more that are put together to create a beautiful accent piece for your floor or wall. These accent pieces can be used to make your space really stand out.

Stone Medallions are used in residential, commercial, hotels, restaurants, and stores. They tend to be the center of attention in a room in the back of a hotel lobby and accent the wall back drop....Medallions can spice up the look of your foyer, formal living room, master bathroom, or any other living space making the perfect design statement to make your room look special.

Investing in a medallion is another great way to increase the value of your home. At National Tile & Mosaic, we offer custom and ready made Marble Medallions to fit any budget. We are confident that we can make anything to suit your imagination and help you create the special space that you always dreamed of.


The Rumi Medallion comes in Thassos and is a stone waterjet mosaic. This chic set of stones are one of the very popular waterjet paterns. Size of the medallion is available in 54x48 or any size desired. 

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