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"I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free"


If you are looking to install a slab on your kitchen counter tops, then the first thing you need to do is to choose a slab for your counter top. There are many stone slabs and marble slabs available now a days that can be used as counter tops. You get your desired slab from National Tile & Mosaic. There is a large variety of slabs available on the site that can be perfect for your kitchen. You have to handle the slab carefully. Although the slabs are known for their hardness, but if not handled correctly it can crack. Depending what type of kitchen counter, you have to choose the design accordingly. There are various edge patterns available such as flat, bull nose, bevel and many more. Also decide the length of the slab, whether you want it to be hanging outside slightly or to just cover the counter.

Take measure of the base

Before selecting the slab, you have to take proper measurements of the base. Proper measurements will help you to take the proper size of slab. The best way is to create a template which is service provided by National Tile & Mosaic.

Choosing the best kitchen counter top:

There are many options available regarding slabs for the kitchen counter tops. The natural stone slabs include Marbles, Granite and Limestone. These are some traditional stones that can be used as slabs. There are synthetics material counter tops available as well. Such synthetic material involves quartz which is a man-made alternative to natural stone and concrete counter tops. Concrete counter top provides you with the choice to customize the color of your counter. You can find a number of such slabs on National Tile and Mosaic.

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