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Custom Cutting & Finishing 


“National Tile and Mosaic can shape any vision and can work with sketches and different type of drawing formats. So your designs or ours, the final results would be stunning!”

We’ve been operating in this industry for many years. We’ve served over thousands of satisfied clients with our innovative solutions tailored to meet their requirements. We know every homeowner wants to make his home a perfect place, which can set a style trend for others. To attain their satisfaction, we offer in-house designing, cutting, and finishing capabilities for designers, architectures and homeowners. We allow them to convert their ideas and unique designs in custom-cut tile patterns.

Yes, we're equipped with the latest tools and machinery which allow clients to blends their ideas with colors and patterns and get over 50 different tile patterns. Now you can mix your favorite materials, colors, and textures to blend and create out-of-the-box tile patterns. We offer you resources to go beyond your imaginations and creativity!

So whatever tile material do you want to custom-cut, whether slab, natural stone or mosaic, get in touch with us and let the creativity speak.


Waterjet Tile Customization


Let your creative ideas reflect on your tiles. With our advanced Waterjet Machines, you can dive into creativity and get custom Waterjet Tile designs. We know you’ve convoluted designs in mind, and those need a source to get out and shine on walls and floors. That’s why we’ve introduced Waterjet Tile Customization services since 2014 to let clients get waterjet designs with glass, marble, quartz, and much more.

Every designer comes up with the unique and complex idea in mind. Our team helps to give your imagination a reality face by offering premium customized cutting and finishing services to design own beautiful mosaic design in all sizes and finishing.  

We’ll stand by you from conception to completion and from competition to installation, that’s our promise!

Fine Finishing


Whatever type of finishing you want to get your tile, National Tile and Mosaic Company allows you to achieve your desired shape for your project. Now get Brushed, Honed, Polished and Corduroy finishing with our in-house technology and innovation. Our team of interior designers are always there to guide you at every step. We believe creativity enhance by sharing ideas and so we do.


Cut-to-Size for perfect fitting


Our Advanced Machinery provides you with the largest and comprehensive cutting area available. It enables our clients to recreate more complex designs with precise cuts on time. Patterns such as Chevron and different and Custom Sizes such as Triangles, Odd Geometric Shapes and sizes that are not readily available can be made following your specifications. So whatever material you want to cut down whether natural stone, metal or glass, you can get any shape and size with our advanced tools.

Get final finishing and create something out-of-the-box to inspire your clients.

Your complex designs to cut down and our advanced machinery—a perfect combo to make a perfect tile design. 

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