Bardiglio is  a beautiful, well-known marble that has a mixture of deep and light gray tones. This marble is easy to match with and goes well in a modern setting. Bardiglio marble is one of the most used marbles and is also used in combination with other marble such as Carrara marble. If you want to use Bardiglio marble in your house or office you should know about its features and uses to gain the maximum out of it. The family name of Bardiglio is derived from the Spanish word ‘Pardo’ which means dark grey colour and is also referred as a cloudy sky. Bardiglio marble is found in Apuan Alps in Italy. It has a fine-grained texture. It is grey in colour due to presence of cryptocrystalline pyrite in abundance. The grey colour ranges from dark grey to blackish colour. It may also have a pattern of veins which appear frequently and is called the Veined Bardiglio. Different varieties of Bardiglio are scattered over the quarry sites throughout the Alps of Apuan. Bardiglio Marble is mostly used for flooring purposes. The Bardiglio marble used in bathrooms gives a polished look to the bathrooms. It is used on the flooring, counter slabs, walls, and shelves. The intricately used range of shade of grey with other marbles is beautiful and creates a visual treat. Bardiglio marble mosaics are very famous and are mostly used in the kitchen area or for making patterns in the walls. It makes the finished look complete in decorated kitchens and houses in general. Marble fireplaces are very trendy. Marbles in darker colors are used for making them. Hence Bardiglio marble is the best choice for them due to its darker range if colors and vein patterns. Counter-tops made of Bardiglio marble bring freshness to the room due to their cool color palette. Due to advancement in the marble products, they are easy to maintain. That is why they are widely used for kitchen countertops, table tops and dining table tops. Bardiglio marble is used by many interior designers for accessorizing the houses. The products range from wall clocks to mini statues. They are also used to make decorative wall patterns, fountains etc. Bardiglio marble is one of the finest choices to use in your homes, offices or anywhere around. Bardiglio Marble can be used for floors, walls, countertops, mosaics, and custom waterjet designs. Bardiglio Polished Tiles are long lasting and can resist hot temperatures. It gives you many options that other tiles cannot. Bardiglio Marble Tiles come in 12"x24", 2"x2" Hexagon mosaic, Basket-weave mosaic, Chair rail, and Pencil.