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Black Sea Travertine

Also known as Titanium Travertine, Black Sea Travertine is made with utmost excellence. This natural stone is made from extreme heat and cut to reveal their beautiful surfaces. Each stone is individually cut and exhibits a large variety color and veining. This variation is what makes this material so special and strong.

Titanium Travertine has a distinct striated look in Greys and Warm beige and Taupe. It's very special veining gives this marble a very warm organic feel that makes it a perfect fit for Bathrooms, Spas and Modern Living spaces.  

Titanium Travertine can be used indoors and outdoors in Residential and Commercial Applications. This material comes in finishes of polished and honed in sizes 12"x 36", 12"x 24", and slabs. Polished finish is only recommended for residential applications. Custom Sizes are available by special order.

This Dark Grey Travertine creates a warm look that is similar to wood without the maintenance of wood. 

Our Clients love this Stone for it's Organic, Natural Look and suggested to be used for our Tile Showroom in New Jersey. One of the nicest Applications for this Stone would be for Bathroom Tiles and Spas. If you are Remodeling your Bathroom and you Like a Spa Look with Organic Feel this Travertine will be a choice to consider. National Tile & Mosaic is a direct importer of Titanium Travertine and has acces to the best blocks available. 

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