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The famous white Carrara marble originates from Northern Tuscany in Italy. The Carrara marble is not just any marble. Compared to the also famous, Calacatta marble, Carrarra is more gray and has many fine feathery lines. Many entrance halls of buildings in America and around the world have used this marble in high rise buildings. For example, the lobby of the world trade center was covered in white Carrara Marble. This marble has also been used in statuary and monuments for centuries.

This marble is a metamorphic rock made from extremely small calcium carbonate crystals. Due to high pressure and variations in temperature, the former rock got a complete new crystalline structure, which means it was formed by metamorphosis.

White Carrara marble tiles are stunning and are ideal for people who desire creating a kitchen that is elegant, cool, and bright. This marble can also help a bathroom shine. Some popular white Carrara tile trends are white Carrara tile Blacksplash, hexagonal white Carrara tiles, and cabinetry. The hottest trend of the year was the hexagonal tile which is classic but modern at the same time and has made a comeback in the tile industry.

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