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Best Decorative Tiles for your Bathroom.

Remodeling your Bathroom is very exciting but can be overwhelming at times because of all the different choices of Tiles, Mosaic and Trim pieces that are available.

We all want a Bathroom that is Fabulous and stands out and there comes the question of Choosing your Decorative Tiles.

We know it all. It is not easy to choose something that you have to live with years. Gutting and Tiling your Bathroom all over is not a Paint Choice that you can change anytime you decide.

For me easiest way to spruce up your Bathroom and give it a pop is to choose the Right Accent Tile.

The Right Decorative Tile will be a Tile that has the Right Pattern and Color for your taste and we all have different Tastes but remember that you will not be able to change that Tile next month or next year or even the following year, so choose wisely.

I will share in this post one of my favorite Designs and explain to you my thoughts on why I love this Tile.

When I choose a Tile for a Client or for myself I always try to choose a Neutral Color that is easy to live with and you won't get tired of quickly.

That Orange Bathroom at the Ice Cream Place is pretty cute but I will promise you that the flashy popsickle hue will make you tired very quickly. Think about other areas of your house and try to keep colors in harmony. Whites, Greys and Beiges are some of the usual suspects but I love also Dark Greys and Black and Gold.

Once you have your main color picked look for an accent that has an eye catching Pattern in a material that is Timeless. And what is better and more luxurious looking than a MArble! Nothing.

Really. Think about it...

When you go to Versaille what did you see on the Floors?

Ceramic? Or even Porcelain?

No it was Marble and it has been there for centuries and it still looks like someone just picked it out for the Front page of Architectural Digest.

Butter Fly Waterjet Tile in Thassos, Nero Marquina and Brass shown in the picture above. This pattern is Super Classy and Intricate.


Splurge on the Accent Area & Limit the Coverage

This is where I would spend the Money in my Bathroom. Why?

Because you can limit the space you are covering with your accent Tile.

You can just do the Floor, Just an area of the floor, One single wall or even a small area on the wall.

It's a small area and if you choose your area smartly, your will get the best Bang out of Buck. Mark your area of coverage for your Favorite Decorative Tile and take a step back and see how does it effect the overall look of your Bathroom.

After all you will be using this Bathroom for a while, so Pick something that you Love.

I will be posting more Tile Patterns and Designs very soon

Choose a Waterjet Tile for Accent

Waterjets are perfect Accent Tiles. Why?

Well the Answer is pretty straight forward. They are the only Tiles that have Curved, Instricate and Beautiful Shapes. Years ago this was not available to us all. You would see this type of Tile only in Land MArks or Palaces but now thanks to technology we can all have these gorgeous works of Art in our Homes.

Home Decor has become really more exciting because of these Tiles.

Choose a Timeless Material for you Accent

A material is Timeless if it ages gracefully. Because everything will age and no matter how well you take care of your space at some point Time will put it's mark on it. So, I am sharing my thought process with you and tell you why I still love to use Marble specially as accent.

I love Marble Tiles because they will age like a Noble Material. They will change in a way that you can still see their beauty after use. They catch a patina. They change but still look beautiful even after years of use. You can repolish your Marble, Restore it, or just leave it alone and it will still look better than a man made material.


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