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Game Changing Waterjet Tile

National Tile & Mosaic offers onsite Waterjet Tile and Mosaic Fabrication since 2014. In October of 2014 we purchased and started a new division to offer Custom Waterjet Tile & Mosaic Design Services to our customers. Architects and designers always asked for intricate designs that were not always possible to make with regular fabrication machines or were difficult and time consuming. After we purchased our Flow Waterjet machine and started experimenting with it a lot more things became possible.

After two years of practice and hundreds of projects we are confident that we can Design and Fabricate what you have in mind!

So let your imagination go wild with our state of the art machinery and expert workmanship at our facility in New Jersey. Create your own Mosaic and Waterjet Designs with Marble, quartz, glass, metals…the possibilities are virtually limitless. We can assist you with your design from concept to completion, resulting in your own beautiful mosaic design.

We have several Designs of Waterjet Tiles in Stock and we can Custom make your own designs.

Mosaic Fabrication and Tile Cutting Services are also offered after we saw the need for so many customers looking for Tile Sizes that were not produced in Factories or Tiles that did not have a Matching Bull-nose or a Trim Piece.


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