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Should I Choose a White Kitchen Countertop?

You are remodeling your home and you get to the point when you have to Choose your Kitchen countertop.

White Kitchen Countertops are Beautiful and we see a lot of them lately online and on all sorts of Interior Design Outlets. They inspire a Clean and Modern look that many Home owners look for and their pictures are printed on Glossy pages of Interior Design Magazines all the time.

We all want a Bright, Clean and Beautiful Kitchen.

So now you are faced with the difficult Question: "Should you choose a White Kitchen Countertop? "

My answer is Yes!

But wait. You should first ask yourself a few questions before Jumping in and Choosing the Slabs for your Kitchen Countertop. You have to first educate yourself. After all, I am not sure if you would change your Countertop every month. N'est-ce pas?

-First you have to ask yourself if you have a kitchen where you do Real Cooking. I mean spices, wine, food coloring... Your kitchen is a messy place of love. It's busy with kids and people and Smells as if there is always something cooking.

-Do you have kids or people that behave like kids in your kitchen? Like spilling food and not picking up? Leaving their half eaten peach on the countertop... for like 5 days, sorry 2 days;)

If your answer to these two questions are Yes and You are a picky person that is going to look for etches on your Polished Countertop, you are left with only three options.


1. Choose a Honed White Marble instead of a Polished

Option number one is to choose a Honed White Marble That has some veining Something like a Carrara or Calacatta. These White marbles are great options they have a White, crisp background but they have medium to heavy veining that makes them stand out and at the same time they won't show much.

I personally love these two stones because they are the Classic Option and have been around for centuries.


When you go to Cafes or Restaurants in Italy or France, Carrara and Calacatta are the stones you see on the Marble top of bars and tables... They have been used forever and they still look good. They are really my Top choice. Mainly because of their esthetics and their Natural Organic feel. Truth is that there is no other Solid Surface that looks as Luxurious and sophisticated as a Marble. It's like choosing between a Diamond and Cubic Zirconia.

2. Choose Manufactured Stone like Caesar Stone, Color Quartz

Option number two would be to choose a Man Made or Manufactured Slab. There are so many different Lines that you can choose from and some are Very Pretty. I have to be honest that they are getting more and more beautiful but they still don't look like the Real thing. For those of you who have Caesar Stone Kitchen Countertop, or Color Quartz please don't get offended. I choose these brands all the time for my clients that don't want Marble, but as I told you it has to be Right space and I obviously try to get to know my Customers Lifestyle and Taste before helping them out. My Favorite Brands are Caesar Stone, Color Quartz and Q. Premium Natural Quartz . All three lines have gorgeous colors and patterns and they are indestructible.

3. Choose White Crystalized Glass or Glassos

The Third and Last option is also Beautiful. For those of you that have a more profound knowledge of Stone, Glassos will look exactly I mean, Exactly like White Thassos Marble From Greece! How can this be possible? The small glass crystals in this Hard Surface makes it look like the Gorgeous Greek Stone that is Super Expensive, Rare and Hard to get clean. And this Material is well priced, strong, perfect coloring, no staining!!!

Glassos is called so many different names. BTW, I am real upset about my industry because of this but that is not my call.

So, I will list you few of these names so when you go shopping you don't get dizzy:)

Glazzos, Glassos, Glass thassos, Thassos Glass, Crystallized Glass and Nano Glass..

I am sure that if I do a little more research I could

find more names for the same thing!!

These are all the same White Glass. These are extremely strong, they don't stain and they look Beautiful.

I think by now you should be able to pick your beautiful White Kitchen Countertop. My Customers always make the right choice;)

Good Luck to you!


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