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Things to Consider When Selecting Tile

White Bathroom with Hand Glazed White Ceramic

So you have finally decided to go through with those Tiled Floors you had always dreamed of!

Well, now it is time for you to accept the challenge and select the Perfect Tiles for your home. The decision isn’t going to be as easy as you thought it would be; you will have to select the Type, Color, Style, Finish and ensure it matches your décor and theme. To help you out, here are a few things you should consider when selecting the perfect Tiles.

Tile Color

Do you have a specific Color scheme in mind to match your room? Take a good look at your room, what color are the walls and furniture? You can look at a Color wheel to make sure that your desired Colored Tile scheme looks harmonious and goes with the overall theme of your room.

Tile Material

The Material you choose is probably going to be the first decision you make and is just as important as the Color. Your budget, the look and the kind of user you are is most likely going to determine what material of Tile you choose. Figure out what kind of material would look best with your Design, Glass tiles are popular choice for Kitchen Backsplash and Bathroom Walls, because you can select from a plethora of Colors and Designs and can are also able to withstand high traffic and even Harsh Cleaning Products! Marble, Travertine, Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles are some options you should consider for Beautiful Backsplashes. Natural Stone Tiles are Timeless and look luxurious.

Tile Suitability

Grey Bathroom with Grey Porcelain From Rako

One important factor to consider when you are selecting tiles is the Suitability of your tiles and the area you intend to Install them. Some Natural Stones are not appropriate for High Traffic areas some are suitable. A High Gloss or Polished Tile might look pretty, but may not be maintenance free if you installing it on a Kitchen Floor.For Example Glass tiles are a suitable option for areas that might get splattered with food...such as your kitchen because they are so easy to clean, all you need is to wipe away all those stains and spills. Porcelains are very strong and can be used almost any where. And Marble Tiles are the Material of Choice when you want something Luxurious and Timeless.

Classic White Carrara Bathroom

Tile Style

Do you wish to have your bathroom tiles installed based on a particular Style or pattern? Tiles are available in a variety of patterns and styles. Tile Patterns can really make a difference and you should always keep in mind that your Tile Size and Pattern will make it look in tens of different ways. These days you can even opt for mosaic tiles to create an entire scene or a Custom Pattern or Design that you have in mind.. Whether you would like to keep it simple or opt for a more modern design, consider choosing a tile that will match your décor and go with the overall theme of your room.

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