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Calacatta Marble Tile

What You Need To Know About the Callacatta Marble

Callacatta Marble is an attractive Italian marble made up of random veining that is simply impossible to replicate. It is especially unique since it is only available for mining in one quarry in the whole world, Carrara, Italy. This gives you a true picture of how exclusive this Italian Callacatta marble is and how it’s sought for by interior designers, architects, and artists.

This Italian Callacatta marble is sometimes mistaken for the Carrara tile. Here are some aspects that differentiate these two types of marble:

1. Veining - The veining in Callacatta slab is thicker and more linear than veining in a Carrara slab which tends to be sharper, darker, and bolder and this is what gives this Italian Callacatta slab a more vivid look than the Carrara tile.

2. Color – The Italian Callacatta marble can include the color beige/gold or gray veins that scatter across a clear white tile background. The Carrara slab is predominantly subtle grey with its thinner veins crisscrossing a grayish muddy tile background.

3. Price tag – The Callacatta tile is more expensive than the Carrara tile. This is primarily due to its rarity, variation, color, and variety.

The Italian Callacatta marble is available in different sizes, the 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 18”x18” 24”x24” 3/4" Slab and 36”x36”.

Finishing – Callacatta marble can be ordered in two kinds of finishing, honed or polished.

  • Honed finishes lack the aspect of shininess and do not have reflective qualities. The texture is more satin, smooth, and velvety. Home owners prefer the honed finish due to its scratch resistant characteristics. Honed finished of this Italian Callacatta marble also absorbs water; therefore, they are preferred for use in bathrooms.

  • Polished finishes of Callacatta are smoother, shiny, and glossy. Polished surfaces withstand stains better, but are more prone to scratches. This finish is preferred on walls, the fire place, kitchen countertops, and backsplashes.


The Callacatta tile is the decorative tile of choice for many churches, castles, and cathedrals all over the world. In homes, interior designers and architects use Callacatta marble on walls, floors, and showers. Its intricate vein design adds a hint of erudition and class to any room in the house. When used in bathrooms, Callacatta slab transforms the room to look and feel like a spa. In the living room, it adds vibrancy and intricacy to your fireplace. Callacatta can be used for backsplashes as well due to its bright and dramatic veining.

Ultimately, the Italian Callacatta marble is the most sought out stone in the world due to its endless usability and intricate design. Call us today to order a Callacatta tile or slab at a competitive cost and turn your home into a masterpiece.

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