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If you are looking for a sophisticated marble that will capture the uniqueness of your home, Arabescato tiles are perfect for you. They combine all white color with grey veining to create a marvelous effect that matches every single floor. According to the style of your home, you will see that these tiles are in perfect alignment with the surroundings.

This type of White Marble is extraordinary and comes from Italy. More specifically, you can find Arabescato in the Italian region of Carrara. You can find Arabescato in two different finishes, honed and polished. It is up to you to decide which of these two finishes best suits your needs and meets your criteria.

Arabescato Mosaics offer a more practical and flexible solution to those who wish to apply this fabulous marble on smaller surfaces or more distinct areas,or if you want to have a non slip area.They lack nothing in terms of elegance and style. You can have a look at the variety of shapes and sizes in order to get exactly what you need.

Arabescato Marble Mosaic Fretworks Pattern

Arabescato completes the design of your home in the most wonderful manner. It offers you the opportunity to highlight the beauty of your special home, adding brightness and color into the whole room. It is White, Shiny and provides the perfect flooring for each type of home. You can even adjust the shades and make sure that the final outcome resembles what you have pictured in mind.

More than that, it is very durable and resilient as a material. So you can use it not only on the floors but in the bathroom and the kitchen as well. You can add extra color and elegance on your countertop, should you choose to go for Arabescato. It is easily maintained, and therefore you do not need to worry about constantly restoring the tiles in their initial state.

It is a cost effective material since it is solid and flexible. You can enjoy it for a really long time without any problem whatsoever.

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